Shifting the Conversation on Abortion

My Abortion, My Life is a project of Preterm, a nonprofit, independent abortion and sexual health clinic in Cleveland, Ohio. Since 2010, we have been using this platform to amplify the stories of people who have had abortions and working to shift the cultural conversation around abortion from one of shame and secrecy to one of empathy and understanding. 


The My Abortion, My Life project is about moving past the black and white political debate about the very nuanced and complex experience of having an abortion or more than one abortion. It’s also about dispelling the stigma faced by anyone who has had abortions and the people who work to provide nonjudgmental abortion care. 


From our website to public abortion conversations to our podcast where stories are shared and perspectives shifted, My Abortion, My Life has taken on initiatives to promote sharing, active listening, and understanding. This project is about opening space in our relationships so that others can share. It’s about helping all of us who have been silenced by stigma to find our voice, to speak about our own experiences, and to develop support for and trust in others.

Want to share your abortion story? 

Do you have a personal story about your own abortion or first-hand experience with someone else’s abortion? If you're willing to share, think about how you might feel comfortable telling it. You can submit your story here or, if you're ready, tell your story to someone you know.