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In 1970, at the age of 17, I got pregnant...

January 9, 2016

"In 1970, at the age of 17, I got pregnant in high school and had a baby, not because I wanted one, but because abortion was not legal. Having that baby affected all my future plans. Moving forward in time to the 1980's I had three more children under the age of 2 and I became pregnant again because my IUD failed. I already had three babies to care for (one set of twins), and I got an abortion. 


If I hadn't been able to have that abortion, I would have resorted to desparate measures (pills, suicide, I don't know). I have never regretted my decision to have an abortion. I lived thru two periods in my life- a time when abortion was illegal and a time when it was legal. That is why I am so passionate about keeping abortion legal and keeping government out of women's constitutional right to have one." —Rosemarie


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November 8, 2019

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