When I had my abortion I was only 18...

"When I had my abortion I was only 18. I originally didn’t want to have it, but after I was told by the dad that he didn’t want anything to do with me or the baby I knew it would be a bad idea to have the baby. At the time I worked at a fast food place and I was definitely not stable enough to have a baby, especially alone, so I went to planned parenthood. They confirmed the pregnancy and I was about 6 weeks. They told me my options and how each procedure works. And I chose the pill abortion. I went back to take a pill that stops the pregnancy from continuing and they gave me these four little tablets to take at home with instructions. They also ordered me anti-nausea pills and some painkillers to pick up at the pharmacy. I picked up my medicine and went home to start the abortion.

Of course I was terrified and had no clue how painful it would be. The four tablets I took by mouth, I put two in one cheek and two in the other and waited for them to dissolve for 30 min, then swallowed what was left of the four pills. After the 30 min I instantly started feeling some cramping. Nothing too serious but enough to be uncomfortable. Then within an hour I was in very, very bad pain and it was kinda hard to get up because of how bad the pain was. I finally took one painkiller after 2 hours and it kicked in within 30 min. Finally, the pain stopped and I went to sleep for about 6 hours. Now when I went to sleep I made sure there were pads laid out on the bed and I was also wearing a heavy duty pad because I knew I was probably going to be bleeding a lot, which I did. When I woke up I was still bleeding pretty bad but I passed the baby and it was pretty much over with. I bled for a couple days after that, nothing too serious tho. It’s very important to take it easy after the abortion and don’t lift anything heavy or the bleeding will continue.

Overall my abortion wasn’t too bad and I also learned I was supposed to take the painkillers 30 min before taking the pill so really I didn’t even needed to feel any pain. It’s definitely an experience that was a lot easier than I thought!" - Anonymous

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