On the 22nd May, 2019...

"On the 22nd May, 2019, I had a surgical abortion under general anesthetic. I was 17 weeks and 6 days pregnant. I’m 45, 46 in a couple of months. I have three teenage children who I have raised on my own. My partner of three years and myself were lackadaisical lately about contraception. I was having investigations for the menopause and I stupidly thought I was too old to get pregnant. I wasn’t. I felt as though I was too old, couldn’t afford another child emotionally, physically and financially. My partner didn’t want another child either (he has 4) but said he would support me in whatever I chose.

Only a close friend and one family member know about this. It’s still a subject that is not easy to discuss with people. I don’t know why, we should talk about it. I don’t know what I expected but the clinic is a calm reassuring place with women of all ages attending. It made me realize this is more common than you think. The staff at the clinic were truly lovely, made the day easier. I had to have cervix dilation four hours prior to the surgery, I was not really prepared for that part of the process. I was, however, treated with dignity and respect throughout. It was actually a relief to be called for the general anesthetic.

My partner has shut it out but I can’t. I don’t regret it but it is emotional. Everyone needs someone to talk to. Find someone you trust and talk. Don’t be scared, if you suspect you’re pregnant and it is not what you want, seek help and early treatment. No one wakes up and chooses abortion, don’t be too tough on yourself." - Anonymous

#caringforotherchildren #stigma

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