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content warning: bodily functions

"Medical abortion... While many might skip over this article because of what it may contain, I am writing this to help others with information about a medical abortion. I am not a doctor, I am a 41 year old female that is currently as I type going through a medical abortion. I took the second set of pills almost 4 hours ago. This isn’t meant to scare anybody. It’s written for anybody like me who is going through this and looking for answers that they aren’t finding anywhere.

So I got pregnant. Never been pregnant and I am going through some stuff in my life that aren’t ideal for having a baby. Selfish I know. My dad has cancer and I’m his primary caretaker. I am in a healthy relationship and my boyfriend and I made the decision together. I was conflicted a bit and struggled with it because I have always been against abortion for myself. I’m not religious but I always felt if I got pregnant I would follow through with the birth. We made the appt with a doctors office that specializes in abortion. I was prepared for protesters and was pretty positive I would’ve been going to jail if I encountered any. Hey, that would have been a good way to get out of going into the office. The waiting room was filled with women from many walks of life. I didn’t really look at any of them, I felt ashamed although they were all doing the same procedure.

After nearly a two hour wait I was finally taken back for a sonogram. I estimated I was 7 weeks pregnant but I was actually 8. They sent me back to the waiting room and I was left to wait my turn. About an hour later a nurse called my name. I was brought back again for blood work and vitals. From there they took me into a room with a counselor who I thought would try to talk me out of it. But she didn’t. She just told me what to expect and then a doctor came in the room and administered the pill orally after asking if I had any questions. My only question was could I eat a cheeseburger as soon as I left. I was encouraged. I was told that if I throw up within 20 minutes I was to let them know.

My day went on as normal. I took my dad out to the local casino and we ended up staying pretty late. I didn’t want to think much about what was happening in my body. I experienced some cramping and a little bit of blood when I peed. So today I woke up knowing what I had to do. I had to take the other four pills to complete the process. I was supposed to take them after 2 pm so I kept myself busy all morning. I went to the pharmacy and got my prescription for antibiotics and opted out of the ibuprofen 800 mg they prescribed. I picked up children’s Advil instead. Hahaha but I’ll get to that later. I also picked up the biggest package of high absorbent pads and a smaller package for light bleeding. I started around 5. I took my antibiotic and children’s Advil. I waited a half hour. Then I put the pills in my cheeks to dissolve. I was supposed to keep them in there for 30 minutes to dissolve. They dissolved in less then 10. I started cramping right away. Then the nausea started. Oh God, did that start. I started shaking really bad, almost to the point where I felt I was convulsing. Couldn’t control it. I started throwing up. Bad. I had my boyfriend call the emergency number. She wanted to speak to me. In between barf sessions I was able to tell her my throat was hurting really bad. She said take Benadryl. I could be having an allergic reaction. Sent the boyfriend to go get some and I curled up into a little ball on my bed. I think I threw up all the pain medication I took along with everything I’ve eaten in the last week.

Then the stomach pain started. It wasn’t cramping. It was diarrhea. I almost didn’t make it to the bathroom. As I mentioned before my dad has cancer and it’s colon cancer so he has some stinky shits. Well he was just in the bathroom. The smell of the bathroom set off another round of throwing up while sitting on the toilet with it coming out both ends. Meanwhile shaking so bad and so cold. Boyfriend came back and said I should try to lay down. So I pretty much crawled from the bathroom and onto the foot of the bed. Curled up into a little ball and had him put a heating pad on me and socks on my feet. I dozed off. When I woke up I started experiencing really bad cramping so I laid in bed in the fetal position with the heating pad cranked up and a jacket on. About 30 minutes later I started getting really hot. Extremely hot, no more chills or shaking. Burning up. I took off my jacket and the heating pad and asked him for the thermometer. Fever of 101.6. Back to calling the helpline. While I was on the phone with her begging her to make this stop I started throwing up again. Everywhere. All down the side of my bed. The cramping was so severe that I thought I was going to die. I had handed my boyfriend the phone and she said she would call back. He grabbed ice and started rubbing it on the back of my neck. She called and he handed me the ice and I threw it across the room. She was sending him to the pharmacy for nausea medicine. He said that he didn’t think I should put anymore pills in my body and to just relax.

I wanted to kill him at this point. I started to feel like I had to poop again and ordered him out of the room so I could use the portable toilet I had him take from my dads room(brand new). I never got up to use it. All this time with every symptom I had I tried to research online to find out if any of this was normal. Couldn’t find anything. So I started writing this. So far while writing this my fever has broke, my cramps subsided for a few minutes, enough to tell my boyfriend I love him. And I’m feeling like I finally started bleeding but I’m scared to go to the bathroom and look. The cramps are back but not as severe and I’m seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. I’m hoping it’s not a train." - Tina


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