It was exactly 9 months before my wedding...

"It was exactly 9 months before my wedding date when I took a home pregnancy test and saw the two lines. I told my fiance right away. Neither one of us have a full time job, and we consider moving out of state once we're married. We already booked a venue, I bought my dress, booked a DJ, and photographer, booked hair and makeup artists. I had just gotten so much done that postponing the wedding just wasn't an option, I mean what are the odds that everything I booked would have the same date available later? I just imagined either going into labor at my wedding, or more likely, the baby would have been born a couple weeks before the wedding, so I would probably end up having nipple leaks, constantly going to the bathroom to pump, and who would baby sit the night of my wedding? It just seemed like too much to even think about keeping a baby, plus as I mentioned, we can't exactly afford to support a baby, being we are barely making it by myself. Plus, I always said I would never have a baby out of wedlock. So there was no decision making to be done. My mind was made up before I was pregnant, if I ever got pregnant before I got married, I would get an abortion, so that is what I did.

It's been almost a month since my positive pregnancy test, and I am starting to have some regrets. I cry almost every day, I keep thinking what if we had the baby right before the wedding, it could be a beautiful way to start our marriage. I really wish I would have thought about it when I was pregnant instead of just saying, ok I decided my whole life I would never bring a baby into the world under these circumstances, so abortion it is. If you're reading this and you just found out you're pregnant and you're planning an abortion, I hope you really think about it before going through with it, because I wish I would have thought about options instead." - Anonymous

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