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"I want to share again since it has been about 3 years. I was 20 when I first found out I was pregnant. My boyfriend and I during that time were in a badly stressed year, for both of us. It didn’t occur to me I'd be the one to have one. We were doing things we did, and added stress of my mental illness, made our relationship not so great at the time. We had been dating for almost two years at this point. I was on the pill, and it just happened. I told him about it and it didn’t really hit him until the next day. I found out at 4 weeks, on the day of my missed period. (Thank you first response, I will forever trust this test.) We had prior talks about what we would do had we found out so we were instantly on the same page.

I first went to Planned Parenthood where the nurses there were so sweet and understanding. The one gave me multiple pamphlets about adoption, pre-natal care or abortion. My boyfriend was still unaffected at this time. But we talked about this and he went with me to all of my appointments. I remember searching, and after advice from the nurses, called Preterm. I made my appointment that same week. There were protestors but I didn’t pay them any mind. I knew what I was doing and I was doing it for me and my boyfriend. We weren’t ready to have a child, but even if I continued my pregnancy he would have supported me.

The environment was soothing and calming. I remember not crying but another girl and her boyfriend were crying. I wish her well, and I felt bad because I was actually calm and not crying. I was brought back and given an ultrasound as well as a finger prick to check my RH factor. I knew I was rh neg but had to abide by the finger prick. I opted to not see the ultrasound, but I did. I peeked. I was adored that I could grow this being inside of me, however I knew it wasn’t the time. I went home after scheduling my appointment for that Friday to begin my medical abortion - the pill.

My boyfriend was crying that night- it hit him. He has a fear of death so this brought him down as he could picture himself being a dad. But we both cried and knew it wasn’t the right time. That Friday he went with me. He went into the room with me and my doctor, he was awesome. He was an amazing doctor and I cherish you. My boyfriend talked with him and he was there to comfort me. He was there as I took the pill to stop the fetus from progressing. I was given 4 pills to take home. I took them the next day- the day I was to go to Mansfield Reformatory for a haunted house thing. That was the day I took those pills.

My experience with the staff was amazing. My abortion wasn’t painful surprisingly. I didn’t take pain medication. I had some heavy bleeding but it was under control by the time I left for Mansfield with my boyfriend. I went back a bit later to get the ultrasound to make sure it all passed. It didn’t and I had to repeat the process to expel the rest of the tissue, but the nurse was the best.

Three years later, while sometimes pondering if I should have kept that fetus, I don’t regret my decision. I’m in college and finally got my mental health under control. I’m still with my boyfriend and it’s been 4 years now, and I’m happy as can be. This experience brought us closer back then. And we love one another. While it doesn’t affect him anymore, and he doesn’t seem to care it happened, I know we will have one or two kids in the future. Thank you staff at Preterm for all you do! I love you guys." - Anonymous

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