I've decided to share my story

"I've decided to share my story because when I was nervous and scared, other peoples stories made me feel better. I'm 18 and I had a surgical abortion at 8 weeks. In my state there is a mandatory appointment 3 days prior to the actual procedure. The first appointment consisted of paperwork, an ultrasound and talking to the nurse and doctor about what method was right. I chose the surgical abortion because I had anxiety that something would go wrong at home. The nurses and doctors were understanding and caring of my decision.

3 days later, today I had the procedure. I was nervous and scared but I just thought about how quick it would go. I signed in and waited, which seemed like forever. I was called back with 2 other girls my age and was told I had to go alone. That was scary, I wanted my boyfriend to be with me and hold my hand but I understood. The nurse showed us where to change and we all went in a recovery room to get our medicine and in my case, an iv put in. The anxiety medicine seemed to kick in and the nurses made me laugh and feel safe. I was then sent to another room to wait to be called to the room the procedure would be done in.

They called my name and I walked in the the room were I saw the "vacuum". My anxiety kicked in as I laid on the table and I began to cry. I was comforted and told I would be alright. The doctor came in and gave me the medicine through the iv. I didn't feel as sleepy as I thought, just calm. A nurse held my hand and wiped my tears as the procedure began. The doctor started with the shots, which felt like a pinch. The vacuums began and I'm not going to lie, it hurt pretty bad. I was told not to flinch but I couldn't help it. It took 5 minutes. The procedure was over and I was wheeled into the same room I began in.

My anxiety was high but the nurses told me I was brave and gave me some soda and crackers. I had no cramps and felt relieved. After about 20 minutes I was told I could get dressed and leave. I was happy. I'm sitting here now writing this with no cramps at all and slight bleeding. I feel good, mostly because I'm not nauseous anymore and I have my appetite back. My experience was scary but I felt strong after. I wish I could go back and hug the nurses and doctor because they were the kindest people I've ever met. I hope this helps you and just know, you can do it girl. " - Anonymous

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