I read through many stories...

"I read through many stories about different experiences women had during their abortion. Some were reassuring because I felt as though I wasn’t alone through this journey. I was on the mini pill as my form of birth control. I heard many stories that this isn’t the very best but I stayed with it. I came to find out rather soon after I missed my period because mine have always been regular and on time, that I was pregnant. I went to my doctor and informed them of the situation. They confirmed I was 6 weeks, rather early pregnancy. They discussed thoroughly my options, but I knew in my heart that I am in no way ready to be a mother. I scheduled my appointment at the clinic within a week. I was EXTREMELY nervous and anxious for that entire week I waited. I have panic attacks quite often so when the day arrived and I was in the procedure room I panicked. I was expecting the worst pain possible. I was given Motrin, and an Ativan for my anxiety because my heart rate was a little high. The ladies that were in the room with my helped me through so much. I was given aromatherapy oils to sooth me. My hand was held and I was able to talk to the nurse to keep my mind off the pain. From the waiting to the actual procedure which I chose the aspiration vacuum, was the hardest part for me. The doctors walked me through everything. The pain blocker which was injected was painless for me. I do believe it worked because I didn’t feel so much pain. Once the aspiration of the vacuum commenced the cramps began and they were intense, some of my worst period cramps I can say. But they were totally manageable. The pain is temporary and you will be okay, the nurse said and I couldn’t have needed to hear that more than there. Pain is temporary, you are strong and you aren’t alone! My experience was intense but for a small duration of time, some mild cramping afterwards and light spotting. I hope if anyone reads this finds some comfort." - Anonymous

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