I had just ended my year long relationship...

content warning: relationship abuse

"I had just ended my year long relationship, which consisted of nothing but abuse. I was finally learning how to love myself again. Moved to the city, starting a new job. Things were finally looking up. Two weeks later I realized my period was late, and I took two home pregnancy tests. Both came back positive. I was shocked, I was in shock, and I didn’t know what to do. The next day I thought about my choices, and decided that abortion was best for me. Having this child would cause a lifetime of pain for me. That’s what I kept telling myself.

The next week, I called the clinic and made my appointment. My appointment was two weeks later. Before my appointment, I did a lot of research to finalize my decision. I knew I wanted the abortion pill, because it was less invasive, and I could take it in the privacy of my own home. When I got the clinic, they made me take a urine pregnancy test, and then I was brought back for my intervaginal ultrasound. The tech was great, calmed me down and explained the whole process. Shortly after, someone else brought me back and explained my birth control choices. I chose to take the pill, and it has worked out great.

About another hour passes, and they call my name again. I was taken into a private room, and a nurse practitioner asked me if I’m 100% sure about this. I agree, and we went on with the process. She handed me one pill to take, and then a bag full of other pills. The other pills consisted of anti nausea medication, ibuprofen, and the four abortion pills. The abortion pills can be taken several ways. Vaginally, orally, or in your cheeks to dissolve. I chose vaginally, so I could do it within 6 hours, instead of waiting the 24. Within 3 hours, I began bleeding, a lot. I was only 6 weeks pregnant. I did not have much to pass. Within 16 hours, the bleeding had mainly stopped, and I began feeling better. Mentally, I was definitely sad, and felt guilty. I knew it was the best choice to make, but deep down, to this day, I still occasionally feel that guilt. I know I was in no position to have a child, especially not with the man who hurt for months." - Anonymous

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