I become pregnant when my two kids were 1 and 2...

"I became pregnant when my two kids were 1 and 2. They were already a lot to handle and I couldn't imagine having a third one at the time. I lived in hellish state of despair and confusion, unsure what to do. After I had my abortion, I broke down in so many ways. The only way I can describe this experience is that my heart was pulled out of my body and a big part of me felt dead. I could barely breathe. I would cry constantly and out of nowhere. I still have debilitating depression and am unable to do any work. I support choice 100%, but please, please know that it can be very hard and very bad. I would give everything to have my children back. There is no rest or freedom that would've been worth it for me. I am only writing this because I wish anyone has warned me about how debilitating it can be and how much I would miss the life that could have been." - Anonymous

#confusion #regret #caringforotherchildren

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