After dating a string of buttheads...

"After dating a string of buttheads; I was (and am) thrilled to find a guy who treats me as I deserve to be treated! We got married ~25 years ago. He was coming out of a bitter divorce, and I hadn't met him until his ex moved out. They have a kid together, and I took him and his kid as a package deal when I said my marriage vows. Prior to our marriage, we discussed pregnancy plans. We decided that we didn't want to get pregnant for at least a year after we were married. Frankly, I wasn't sure if I even wanted kids beyond his kid. We were hypervigilant about birth control, and we used the sponge as birth control. Two months into our marriage, I started feeling nauseated. I chalked it up to me seeing his ex-wife :-D I missed my period, and was concerned because I was pretty regular (I'm in menopause now.). I took a pregnancy test, and our worst fears came true--it was positive, and we had to re-think our life's plans. We decided to have an abortion. This terrified me in so many ways--I HATE needles, and I knew there were going to be some in my near future. We traveled a long way to get the abortion, and my husband's credit card was declined when we were there. Thankfully, it was able to be paid for. We are still together, and we enjoy the grandkids that his son has." - Anonymous

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