About a month ago I found out I was pregnant...

"About a month ago I found out I was pregnant. I wanted to make sure everything was ok before I shared my story. I looked at the stories people shared and a lot of people said they felt really sad and depressed when they woke up after having medical surgery. I decided to take the pills because of this. The pills were easy: one at the office, 4 in the cheek pocket of your mouth. When I went to my doctor she quickly made me feel like I made the wrong decision and should have had surgery. She told me the pains are so extreme they feel like labor pains and since I never had kids this would be bad for me. She told me to stock up on sanitary napkins because I will be bleeding for days straight. Had me sign papers saying if this procedure wasn't successful I would have had to complete it with surgical surgery.

Was it bad? yes. As soon as those chalky pills dissolved in my mouth I started to throw up. No other side effects for 2 hours. Then I started to get pains so bad I had to lay on the bathroom floor for hours. When it was over with, I didn't feel sad or depressed (even though I am at the age where I SHOULD be having kids). I knew I made the right choice. I didn't have heavy bleeding. I did bleed for about a week straight and had cramps for a week. This made me think it wasn't successful. I've talked to people who have had abortions and they assured me that if I didn't feel pregnant anymore ( like didn't have very sensitive breasts) it most likely was successful.

So my advice. I did this all at my house without my parents even knowing it. Told them I had food poising. I did have to deal with it alone but my sister was here to help me through the pains. I wished I looked at my options before I made my decision and wish my doctor told me more about the options. My sister told me later that there is a vacuum treatment and people online said there were pills you could insert into your vagina. (With side effects not as extreme as the mouth ones.) " - Anonymous

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