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“Reading these stories helped me, so I wanted to share my experience too in the hopes that it will help other women. I'm 39, happily married with 2 beautiful children, ages 2 and 4. In my last pregnancy, I had a TIA (mini-stroke) when I was 8 months pregnant. I ended up ok, as did my son, but it was very scary, and as a result my doctor will not prescribe me birth control that includes estrogen since it could increase my chances of another stroke. My husband and I have used condoms successfully for years, but 6 weeks ago the condom broke. Being responsible yet thrifty, I ordered the morning after pill (Plan B) on Amazon. It arrived and I took it within 72 hours (the length of time that it's advertised to work within). When my period didn't arrive on time, I took a pregnancy test, and our fears were confirmed. I was pregnant. Unlike my happiness in the past, I was anything but overjoyed. At 4 people, our family is complete.

With my previous health scare, I didn't want to risk my life and leave my two little boys. We're also barely scraping by and looking forward to my husband being able to work full-time again or go back to school when we can afford childcare after our oldest starts school. I started a new job just 4 months ago, and don't want to hold back my career further. We're also ready to move beyond these years of caring for very young children; I'll be 40 in a few months, and my energy and joints are already not what they used to be. We are just done. My husband and I knew right away that having an abortion was the right choice for us. I called Planned Parenthood immediately, and the earliest appointment I could get was 2 weeks later, a 2-hour drive away. I cried often and was very angry up to the date of my abortion. I tried to do everything right to avoid this situation and it still happened. I'm a Christian and my sister is a pastor. I called her right after I told my husband, and she counseled me that God is the God of life. My life, my husband's life, and our existing children's lives. God wants us to be able to give our best to our children and have happy, fulfilling lives. God does not want me to have another stroke or live in stress with overwhelming financial burden.

The day of my abortion went as well as it could. My husband was very supportive (and is getting a vasectomy next week). There were about 30 protestors waving signs with pictures of dead fetuses outside, but we just drove past and ignored them. I thanked the security guard for being there. I opted for the surgical procedure since it's fast and guaranteed (after the condom and Plan B failed, I didn't want to take any chances). The nurses and doctors were very professional and never even asked why I wanted the abortion. I found out I was 6 weeks and 1 day pregnant, and immediately thought about the ridiculous new anti-abortion laws that have been signed in other states. I called the minute I missed my period, and this was the absolute soonest I could be seen. 6-week abortions may soon be illegal in other states, and it makes me furious!

At any rate, this clinic puts all women having an abortion under deep sedation, so I remember nothing of the procedure. One moment I was lying on the table with an IV in my arm, talking to the anesthesiologist, and the next I was fully clothed, and the nurse was walking me into the recovery room. I was confused about being offered a cookie and juice until the nurse told me the procedure was done! I had no idea any time had passed! Later that day I had some pretty uncomfortable cramping, but barely any bleeding. I ate a little, took ibuprofen, and napped at home with a heat pack on my stomach. Today is the day after, and I feel 100% normal and like I made the right decision. I love my children and other people's babies, but I'm officially done. I hope this story helps others! You are not alone.” - Anonymous

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