I was a 28 year old PhD student...

“I was a 28 year old PhD student six weeks from defending my dissertation. I'd had an IUD for 3 years and thought my birth control method would protect me from pregnancy. Apparently, my IUD had shifted slightly, and I got pregnant. I went to the doctor when I was (apparently) 6 weeks pregnant... an at-home test wasn't even enough to detect my pregnancy at that point. The 6-week abortion bans happening in the country right now scare me so much, because many women won't trip a urine test at that point. Even in California, where I live now, getting the abortion scheduled took almost 3 weeks.

I didn't realize it until that moment, by my supposedly secular healthcare provider was actually a Catholic hospital, and getting help accessing abortion was surprisingly stressful. As for the choice itself, it was not a difficult choice, and my partner and I weren't even a little conflicted about it. Once I did find a provider, I got a medical abortion and don't have any regrets. I am getting progressively more okay with sharing my story with women I care about... because it takes talking about it to change minds about the anti-choice laws our country is pushing on us. Thank you.” - Anonymous

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