I was 42 years old...

“I was 42 years old and had married a terrific guy 1 1/2 years prior. We had already had 2 miscarriages, but we desperately wanted to be parents. After my amniocentesis at 17 weeks, we found out she had a very rare chromosome abnormality called Trisomy 9 mosaic. At first, I couldn’t contemplate the idea of an abortion. I had always believed in a woman’s right to her own choice (I was 18 when Roe vs. Wade was passed), but I did everything I could to be sure I wouldn’t have to make that choice. After another month of questioning, verifying tests, consulting with nurses, friends, ministers, medical geneticists and finally a support group of families of only 50 other children in the world with this condition, I made the truly agonizing decision to terminate. It was the single most difficult, traumatic event in my now 66 years of life. It changed me forever. However, to this day, I ABSOLUTELY BELIEVE IN AND SUPPORT A WOMANS RIGHT TO MAKE HER OWN CHOICE!! No one else has the right to take that away. The comforting aspect of the story is that we adopted an amazing, beautiful daughter from China 2 years later and 2 years after that, at the age of 46, I gave birth to another beautiful girl.” - Debra

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