Today is Mother's Day...

“Today is Mother's Day, and yesterday I completed a medical abortion at home. I know, the irony is strong. But I already have a daughter who is almost two, and my husband and I knew that we weren't ready for another. We weren't trying to get pregnant again, I was on birth control and following the instructions explicitly. I was just unluckily an exception. So, when I got a positive test there was no question that this wasn't going to continue. I had an appointment scheduled less than 24 hours after my positive test. They did bloodwork and an ultrasound to confirm I was six weeks along. I took the first pill right there in the office and was given the four pills to take at home 24 hours later. I took my nausea and pain meds half an hour before placing the four pills in my cheeks. I honestly didn't taste anything, even half an hour later when I had to swish with water and swallow. There was mild cramping, but absolutely nothing close to how bad a period was. In fact, there was almost no pain. But the nausea was hard. It honestly kept me very uncomfortable the whole time. But, at about 4 hours after taking the medicine, I had pretty much finished passing all the tissue. I expected so much worse, and today there's been very minimal bleeding. So, all in all it's been a pretty uneventful experience.” - Anonymous

#medicationabortion #caringforotherchildren

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