I'm 27 and I've had two abortions...

Content warning: abusive relationship

“I’m 27 and I’ve had two abortions. Both before 8 weeks. I was in a long term, ABUSIVE relationship that I could not get out of. I chose to have abortions because I would never bring a child into this world knowing they could face the same abuse I was. Not only was I repeatedly beaten every day, but I wasn’t ready for a child. I was on birth control. I did everything I could not to get pregnant, but it happened. I am very thankful that I was able to abort without any backlash or anyone preventing me from doing so. My would-be children would have been miserable. I grew up with abusive parents. They were abusive to me and each other. I’m still healing from my childhood as well as from my 10 year long relationship of abuse. Everyone has a different story and a different reason. Regardless, the right to choose should not be taken away. Would you rather me bring a child into a potentially dangerous life or prevent a child from being mentally damaged and abused as well? I chose not to. I chose right.” - Anonymous

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