I wanted to share my experience...

“I wanted to share my experience with the abortion pill or ‘medication abortion.’ I did this two days ago. I’m 32 years old, never been pregnant, and was actually two years without sex before my boyfriend and I had sex twice (unprotected) and, sure enough, I got pregnant. I found out very early, as I’m on top of my cycle. Long story short, I ended up settling on abortion as my option to terminate my pregnancy.

I was so terrified. I read only horror stories about cramping and bleeding severely. The doctor prescribed me Vicodin for the pain he expected, so I was very nervous. I first went into the Planned Parenthood and took a pill that stops the growth of the embryo. 24 hours later I took an antibiotic, an anti-nausea pill, and finally the main event: the pill to induce the miscarriage. It was four dissolvable tabs. I put two on each side of my mouth and took about thirty minutes to dissolve. I had taken one Vicodin as instructed an hour prior, to get ahead of the pain I was expected to have.

I am not lying when I say I had NO PAIN. Not one cramp. Nothing. Not these laboring pains I read about - nothing. I bled like a normal period and had a few small clots twice. I was waiting and waiting, expecting these excruciating cramps to come. They never did. I went to bed approximately 6 hours after, as I started the process later in the day as instructed and realized that no pain seemed to be coming. It’s been two days and I’m just bleeding like a normal period. Cramps that are slight to moderate, like any other period, come and go.

Prior to this I was crying and terrified, as I don’t have a high pain tolerance. I’m not saying this won’t happen to you, but for me it was not bad at all!! Please don’t get yourself overly scared. Please don’t think your body has to react like someone else’s. I go back in about two weeks for a recheck but I’m pretty sure I passed the embryo during that clotting portion within the first few hours. I feel such relief. I hope this helps!” - Wendy

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