I chose to have an abortion because I'm simply not ready...

“I chose to have an abortion because I’m simply not ready for another child. I have a 4-year-old whom I had at a young age. I’m slowly getting our lives in order now. I was in a relationship with someone for a year, I discovered he was cheating and shortly after, discovered I was pregnant. I hadn’t missed a period yet so thankfully I was very early in my pregnancy. I booked my consultation at the hospital. They give you an ultrasound and take blood. Because I was so early on in my pregnancy, it was undetected on the ultrasound. The fetus measured smaller than 0.8 cm. After you do that, you go in with the doctor to discuss your options. There are some horror stories on here about the medical abortion pill. I’m here to change that; I chose that option.

I took the first pill on Thursday, April 11th, at 1 pm. The next morning my stomach was a little uneasy but it’s been feeling that way since I discovered I was pregnant. The second dose of pills I took the following day, Friday the 12th, at 10 pm. I inserted them vaginally. As recommended by my doctor, I purchased Advil, gravol, and large pads. I took an Advil at about 9:40 pm before I inserted the pills. After about 20 minutes, I could feel a little tension in my stomach. Then I fell asleep. I literally slept through all of it. I woke up today, April 13th, and I went to the bathroom to ensure there was bleeding (if there’s no bleeding, it’s not working). Sure enough, a fairly large size clot came out and I’m bleeding. The bleeding is similar to that of my period. In fact, right now it’s less. The pain is so minimal I can’t even compare it to my period. Every once in a while, I feel a cramp.

This was the best option for me as I was home and comfortable. The hardest part about all of this for me was being in the hospital setting. I cried a lot while I was there. I also spoke with a social worker. I can’t say everyone’s experience will be like mine. But I can show others that are reading these scary posts that it can be a lot calmer than others’ experiences. My emotional feelings right now are basically just relief! I’m very happy it all went so smoothly. I’m not sure if it’s because I’ve given birth - maybe my pain tolerance is high, or maybe my early stage pregnancy caused it to be more bearable. I’m not sure. But I’m very happy with my decision.” - Maria

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