This is to touch someone's heart...

“This is to touch someone’s heart and give you peace of mind. You’re NEVER alone. On March 8th of 2019, I got an abortion in Ann Arbor, Michigan. I was in the middle of my sophomore year of college and lost my grandma to cancer the same week I found out I was pregnant. I was terrified... My family was in Cleveland, OH and being the first of my four older siblings in school, my worst fear was to think about a baby or dropping out. With my grandma’s passing, I didn’t want to put any more stress on my family. Being 19, that was the hardest decision I ever had to make, and I still think about it every day. Sometimes I look at my ultrasound picture and get sad. I think to myself every day: 'you had a choice for a reason. You’re still alive, so LIVE.' Even though I get emotional about it, it’s the decision I made and all of you are still alive, so live, be beautiful and know that you’re blessed and have a choice. Nobody can make you feel like less of yourself, and whatever is supposed to happen will. Don’t live in the past!” - Anonymous

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