I am sharing my surgical abortion story...

“I am sharing my surgical abortion story to ease minds of scared women who may be doubting this procedure. Today I received my first ever surgical abortion. I was 7 weeks pregnant and I have to say I was TERRIFIED. I arrived at Hope Clinic at 9am to be checked in for my procedure. I had an ultrasound done, some blood work done, I made my payment, waited around in pure fear for about 45 minutes and then finally I was called. I followed the nurse down the steps and into a room where women were recovering. Some were up smiling and eating crackers, and some were just completely out of it. The nurse slid me 3 pills: metronidazole for possible infection, ibuprofen extra strength for pain, and Benadryl for relaxation (?). I was led to a room and was told to undress and to wrap the sheet that was in the dressing room around my waist. I waited in a room with two other girls. We all chatted about how scared we were. One had even shared how this was her second time and it wasn’t too bad. That made me feel a little better.

30 minutes passed and then they called my name. Once in the operating room I got REALLY nervous and started shivering. The nurses and doctors were so calming and sweet. I put my legs into the stirrups and took a deep breath. First, they administered the lidocaine shots into my cervix. Honestly, on a pain scale of 1-10, this I rated a low 3. The pain hurt but it was definitely bearable. Next the doctor dilated my cervix, this also hurt but it was bearable. This I rated a 3 ½, maybe a 4. Next, I heard the vacuum click on and I got even more scared. I felt the doctor moving it in and out of me but it didn’t hurt nearly as bad. It felt like period cramps. I rated this a 5 or 6. Definitely was bearable and was way easier than I thought. After the procedure I felt so silly for being so afraid! You can do it ladies if I did! I have THE WORST anxiety ever and I did it with absolutely no sedation. Women are strong!” - Dee

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