My abortion appointment...

“My abortion appointment at Planned Parenthood in California was on March 26, 2019 at 11:30am. The first thing they did after checking me in, was asked for my urine. I was called in and then walked to my exam room. There was a table and ultrasound machine. Staff personnel asked some questions first about my pregnancy and then other pregnancies I’ve had, along with a basic history of my health. I got undressed from waist down and soon a Nurse Practitioner came into the room and took some blood from my finger to test me for RH (google why they do this). She then proceeded to insert the ultrasound gadget inside me so that she can see how far along I was which I was 8 weeks and some days. She asked if I wanted a picture and I said sure. I don’t know why, I just wanted to see it myself. I kept it in my purse. I got dressed.

She handed me the first pill “mifepristone” and with a cup of water she watched as I swallowed it. She then handed me the bottle of the “misoprostol” which I would take a day later at home. They also prescribed promethazine for nausea and 800mg of ibuprofen for pain. I felt nothing and had no issues. The following day I took the nausea pill, ibuprofen at the exact time she advised me to take it. Then I took the mifepristone (4 pills) at the exact time she advised me to and followed all the instructions carefully. The mifepristone pills stay in your cheeks for like 40 minutes and then I was to swallow whatever was left.

I’d say about 30 minutes after I felt the bleeding start. I had my pad on, already prepared. It was light bleeding as if a period is starting. Then back pains started but again very mild. I was a little scared and nervous, not sure what to expect, so I laid down in bed listening to meditation music and actually fell asleep for like 30-40 minutes. Then I woke up and could feel some blood and clots passing. I would run to the toilet and the cramps were getting a little stronger but not unbearable. I’d say on scale 1-10 it was about a 4. After about 3 hours, I was still bleeding and cramping. Also, still passing clots. I do believe the fetus came out within 2-3 hours. I kind of lost track. The cramps are very similar to labor contractions for those who have had children before. Now, as it got later into my 4-5 hour mark the pain got very bad. On a scale, I’d say 9! The contractions were coming very close, like back to back, and were so uncomfortable that I jumped out of bed and ran to the tub to run hot water in the bath. These were much more strong and frequent! At this point I was ready for it to be over. The final ending was much harder. However, I got in the tub and laid there, and the pain actually subsided! I prayed and relied on my faith to get me through this. I sat in the tub for 30 minutes and could feel all of it going away. I knew it was over at that point and I was relieved. I stood up took a shower and went to sleep peacefully.

I read a lot of reviews and was terrified. I will say that everyone’s experience is different and unique. What truly helped me was the pain meds obviously but also my faith. I knew that I needed to meditate and listen to calming meditation music. I knew that I needed to run hot bath water for when the time came and pain would be unbearable. I knew that if I asked my spiritual team to help me, they would. I survived and so will you! The next day I was fine, woke up feeling energized and at peace. Of course, there is always an emotional aspect to this and I do find myself day dreaming about the fetus and what if... but I have closure and moved on in my life’s path... all the best to you. I hope this proves helpful. Love and light always. ❤️ “ - Crystal

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