I'm 24 and a registered nurse...

“I’m 24 years old and a registered nurse so obviously you would think I would know how to avoid situations like this. I noticed something was off that I was excessively sleeping, and I just wasn’t feeling myself. I didn’t think too much into it because I thought I was just upset because my boyfriend of three years is in the army and was recently deployed. A week went by and I noticed I didn’t get my period which was very abnormal for me. So, I freaked out and got a pregnancy test and of course I was pregnant.

My heart sank because my boyfriend just left and I felt all alone. When I told him I was pregnant he freaked out and at first thought I was lying. This really hurt my feelings because I was really scared and alone. Later that day we talked again, and he told me that it was my decision what I wanted to do and he would support me. I thought about it for weeks and the part that really scared me was that if I kept the pregnancy, my boyfriend would not have been home for two months after the delivery. I felt selfish at first for thinking of abortion. But honestly in my heart I knew I couldn’t do this all alone without him being here. I just flat out wasn’t ready to have kids.

So I made an appointment at Planned Parenthood and received the medication abortion. It was a very hard decision to make however, I know that it was for the best. The abortion itself wasn’t bad, it’s just the emotional aspect that was rough. I just think the worst part was going through this whole process alone. I know I made the right decision but, I know in my heart I’ll never do this again.” –Ashley

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