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“I decided to share my abortion story to help relieve the stress and worry for others going through the same thing. My husband and I stupidly had drunken unprotected sex one night. I decided to get the morning after pill even though I thought I was at a stage of my cycle where I was very unlikely to get pregnant.

Fast forward two weeks and my period hadn't arrived so I took a test and found out I was pregnant. We have a four-month-old baby so another baby just isn't an option for us right now. I decided to call Marie Stopes and start the abortion process. Marie Stopes were brilliant. They booked me in for a consultation over the phone for a few days’ time, which was very straightforward. During the consultation they recommended a medical abortion as I was only 4-5 weeks along. This was then booked in at my local clinic for 1.5 weeks time.

The day of the abortion I was extremely nervous. I'd read so many horror stories and worked myself up about it. My husband was working away so I had to arrange childcare and attend on my own which was also difficult and adding to my stress. However, the whole process couldn't have been easier. The nurse ran through everything with me, she carried out an internal scan which dated me at 6 weeks then gave me the antibiotics (she gave me another four to take that evening), anti-sickness pill and the first abortion pill. I opted to have all the pills the same day, so I then had to insert four pills into my vagina.

The nurse asked me to sit down and relax for 10 minutes after which point I could leave. I think I was in the clinic for about 20 minutes in total. I then jumped in a cab home and waited for things to happen. About two to three hours later some mild cramping began.

For about about two hours I had diarrhea, slight dizziness, mild cramping and lost a few clots of blood. It didn’t hurt at all, I didn’t even need any painkillers. I have quite painful heavy periods and it was nowhere near as bad as them. I was beginning to worry it might not have worked properly. I had light bleeding and mild cramping for one week. I was worried it hadn’t worked but I've just done a pregnancy test now (two weeks after abortion) which was negative. I understand everyone's experiences are different but the process is very straightforward and there's a chance you won’t experience too much pain.” –Anonymous

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