In December of 2018...

Content warning: this story mentions sexual assault

“In December of 2018, I had a surgical abortion. I was 11 weeks along and had only known for about a month. When I missed my period in November, I can’t say I thought anything of it. This was a normal occurrence as they were usually irregular.

At the end of October, I went to a Halloween party. There was alcohol involved and I overindulged. I got taken advantage of at my weakest point by someone who I’ve known my whole life. After being sick every day for a month and losing close to 20 pounds, I eventually put two and two together. My first thought was abortion until someone told me to reconsider and to talk to him about it. He told his mother who immediately felt the need to tell me abortion wasn’t an option and that her son had rights.

She made it a point that she’d be in the child’s life and that she knew what was best for me. She didn’t know that the ‘sex’ wasn’t sex at all, and that it wasn’t consensual. After talking with my mom and brother, I decided abortion was the best option for me given the circumstances. While there were many reasons behind my decision, the main reason was it’s my body and ultimately my choice.” —Anonymous


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