There is a 5-pill process...

“There is a 5-pill process. One pill was taken on a Thursday at the clinic I decided to go to. The remaining 4 were taken on Saturday morning at my home at 5 am. I ate at 4 am, took the pills at 5 am, and nothing happened. Just a little blood around 7 am, but at 9 am it hit hard. Many stories on the internet say it’s bad, but I never thought it would be this bad! At 9:30 am I started throwing up and the cramps came hard and were consistent. I sat on the toilet rocking left to right. No matter what, don't get up after sitting down. Just sit, because when you get up it's just going come out on the floor.

I had lined the whole bathroom with doggie training pads. Now back to the abortion. It wasn't until around 7 pm when I could finally rest. My body was shot and just simply tired with no fight left. My abortion still is something I would do all over.

Today is Sunday at 6:27 am and almost 18 hours post-abortion, and the pain is very low. Bleeding is like a regular period. The first day will be hard, but after that you'll be fine! If something looks or feels wrong do not be afraid to get help. No one will judge you.

Last tips: Believe the pain is terrible but it’s worth it. Just fight through it. Get super long maxi pads or just diapers. Heating pads, Gatorade, and pain pills.” —Anonymous


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