I'm 22 and found out I was 9 weeks...

“I’m 22 and found out I was 9 weeks pregnant recently and carried out an abortion procedure today. I wanted to share my experience because it was as positive as it could get. Upon finding out I was pregnant, I wasn’t massively shocked because it’s what happens when having unprotected sex and it explained all my symptoms. However, that being said I have always had a made-up decision if I were to get pregnant under certain circumstances, I would terminate.

Therefore, making the decision for me was not difficult; that doesn’t go to say that it was an easy process to go through. Upon finding out, I immediately took action and rang the hospital and had received a consultation the following week. I was told that I would only be given the surgical treatment as I was too far to undergo the medical, although through research I had already decided I’d want that carried out under general anesthetic, next week.

This was such a long week as I continuously felt nauseous and sick, even though I knew I wasn’t keeping the baby I felt like I couldn’t carry out my normal day to day activities, like drinking or even go to dinner with friends without feeling sick. Finally, the day was upon me and I had decided to go into the clinic alone as I wasn’t sure I wanted anyone around me at the time. I think the beginning when you’re given the pills was the worst part for me, but it’s only like having really bad period cramps. Following that, I was led to the theatre and administered the anesthetic where I slept. When I woke up, it was all done and pain free.

After an hour I only had mild cramps but hardly anything to complain about and slight bleeding. Surprisingly I started to cry which was very out of character for me and like I discussed earlier I was always sure of my decision to terminate, so it wasn’t a struggle for me. That being said, it was frustrating not knowing how I felt, but despite the lack of emotional attachment I felt hollow in a sense but makes me think it would have been weird if I hadn’t experienced any emotion at all.

Following that I had a cup of tea and biscuit, once that went down well and was able to go to the toilet, I was allowed to go home. All in all, it was a 5-hour process until I got home. I was fine to get in a cab and walk it off, it helps having people in the premise. I didn’t want anyone to be with me at the time because I didn’t feel like anyone could say the right thing and I just wanted to come to terms with my feelings on my own. By the evening I was more comfortable to leave the house and go for a short walk. This may not seem as pleasant as most of the stories I had read before going through this. They weren’t positive but can’t expect them to be as it’s not a positive experience to undergo. I’d just like to say that as a result, now I feel relieved and happier and I could not have imagined it to go with this mild pain.” —Anonymous


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