My name is Sade...

“My name is Sade. I’m 29 and today at 11 weeks pregnant, I had my abortion. I had a surgical D & C procedure, with IV sedation. I went to Planned Parenthood in Columbus, Ohio. They were great! I was a scared, nervous, crying mess. They talked to me about how it would go, did my IV, and what do you know, I was up. The nurse gave me hug, told me I will be just fine and then the doctor came in and told me the same thing.

Before getting my Fentanyl and anxiety drug in my IV, I started playing The Dream ‘Shawty is the $hi+’. I was out of it, I remember talking and laughing about my bullshit relationship. But once that song went off, I was listening to New Edition ‘Candy Girl’. I would say it lasted almost 7 minutes. I didn’t feel or hear a thing. I don’t remember getting dressed or how I got to the recovery room, but once I sat in that chair, I was wide awake. I just felt tired. I stayed in the recovery room for 30 minutes.

They asked 1 to 10 what was my pain, I laughed and said one. During that time, I got my blood pressure checked three times, the nurse checked my bleeding and I got a depo shot. I went out, my best friend drove me home and I was awake. I am experiencing cramping but it’s mild. My bleeding was a little heavy once I got to her house around 12 pm and now it’s 5 pm and it’s way lighter. It didn’t hurt at all, I was just fine like everyone said. Oh yeah, I labored two kids, and this was my first abortion. It seems scary but once that IV got in and the meds I was fine. Didn’t feel a thing. I hope my story calms your nerves.” —Sade

#caringforotherchildren #scared

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