I was 18...

“I was 18. It was the winter after I graduated high school. I met this boy last spring and he asked me to be his girlfriend, then about 4 months later I became pregnant unexpectedly. I was scared, I had the feeling that I was pregnant for about a week before I took a test, I was not on birth control, and this was my first real relationship.

I immediately told my boyfriend, his first thought was an abortion, but told me it was my choice. I felt I had no support from him after that, after about a week and half I freaked out and told my mom, she then told me that we could take this to the grave, just us two. So, at that point I was heartbroken, where was my support? I felt like I had no love at the time, and a couple days later I had to tell my father. I knew he’d be pissed.

So that was it. I broke. It took about a week to make up my mind, or was I just waiting for one of them to tell me to keep that beautiful baby? But no, so to the hospital I went to get my abortion pill, which also included a process of getting a sonogram of my baby. I was at home the night I took my abortion pill, it was actually New Year’s Eve. The baby’s father didn’t come to be with me. I lied on the couch having the worst cramps imaginable. This all happened 2 years ago, my heart still breaks, there’s not a day that goes by I don’t think about my baby and most of the time cry, I wonder who you would’ve been, I don't know if anyone thinks about you. I hope they do.” —Anonymous

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