On the 26th of January...

“On the 26th of January 2019 I had a surgical abortion at 11 weeks (what a way to start my year). I had recently found out that my boyfriend (now ex) was cheating on me. It was not the 1st, 2nd, 3rd or even 4th time I had found out, he was emotionally and physically abusive towards me and I couldn't imagine myself bringing a child into a situation like that. I had fallen out of love with him and I honestly couldn't stand him anymore.

On the day of the abortion he insisted he wanted ‘to be there for me’ but I just think it was because his selfish and controlling ego wanted to be sure I was actually having an abortion. We got to the clinic, paid for consultation, and later paid for the procedure at the reception. I saw a doctor who confirmed my pregnancy, went through the procedure with me, then later on took me to the waiting area where I met two other friendly woman who were there for abortions as well.

I was then called into theatre when I was greeted by another friendly doctor, the last thing I remember was being injected with some clear liquid while talking to the doctor and I was out. I woke up later in the recovery room. I was still drowsy, and I was told to go back to sleep, but I couldn't because I had abdominal pain.

A few minutes later I got up, put my clothes back on and went to where my ex was parked. A part of me was glad he came because I do not know how I was going to make it home with the pains I had. I got home, ate, took the pills that were prescribed to me, prepared a hot water bottle and slept. I'd feel pain when the pills would wear off, but the following day I felt so much better. The bleeding had stopped but I had gas for days. I'm still taking things easy and I hope I won't experience any side effects.” —Anonymous

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