My aim here is not to put anyone off...

“My aim here is not to put anyone off but to share my experience to maybe put people at ease, as I read a lot of stories and it’s fair to say it made me terrified! I’ve been with my boyfriend for over a year. I’ve been on the contraceptive pill for many years, but I’ve never been a fan of taking tablets, even ones that small. It’s more psychological than anything, I overthink before I take tablets and always end up feeling sick. So it’s fair to say I wasn’t very good at taking my pill.

Just after Christmas I noticed a change in my breasts, they were sore more than usual on a period and they actually looked much bigger, which was sort of pleasing, until the thought hit that I hadn’t got my period. It was my boyfriend who made me take a test a few days into the start of this month. I was completely ignorant to the fact I could be pregnant, I kept saying ‘of course I’m not pregnant, don’t be silly’! Well, plot twist, I was! I took two tests that both confirmed it.

First, I knew, and my boyfriend knew, we were not ready for a child. I’d just had a promotion at work and before Christmas our relationship was in a bad place. I’m 26, an adult, and I knew what was right. I didn’t want to tell my parents. Not because they would be angry as they aren’t those type of people, but I didn’t want them to be disappointed in me or maybe share a different thought on the situation. I went to my general practitioner (GP) on my own, and as I sat there waiting to be seen it hit me, I need my mother here!

So, I called her, upset and apologized for not being honest and upfront. Obviously because she’s an angel she was so understanding and comforting which is what I needed. So please make sure you have the support if you’re considering this! After that I waited for an appointment at my local pregnancy advisory service (PAS) at a private hospital. On my first appointment I had a scan that confirmed I was 7 weeks and 1 day pregnant, so I could have a home termination. I didn’t want to see the scan but as I stood up, I couldn’t help but look at the screen. It was so small.

I then went in with a nurse where we went through some paperwork and had my bloodwork done. I then sat with a doctor who asked a few questions but mainly reassured me about the whole process. After that I then had to sit back with the nurse and take one tablet, mifepristone which stops the hormones and pregnancy. I then got sent home, had some mild cramps, but I was experiencing them anyway. I then had to go back two days later where I had four tablets inserted to my vagina. As soon as they were in, you were told to get dressed and get yourself straight home as it takes anything from 20 minutes after insertion for things to start happening. I suggest once you’re home to do whatever you can to make yourself more comfortable. Whether it’s hot water bottle, soak in the bath. Anything and take some paracetamols & ibuprofen to help with pain. It’s like a period on steroids to put it lightly. Mine started roughly 2 hours after insertion. And it is painful I won’t lie, depending on what pain threshold you have. Just get yourself comfortable, take pain relief and make sure you got support!” —Anonymous

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