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“This is my story. I'm 18 years old and was in a very toxic and abusive relationship when I got pregnant. I was with a guy who had no respect for me, had no job, got physical with me a few times and cheated on me all the time. I knew right away that I couldn’t have a child with him.

He’s 20 and has a 3-year-old son he never sees. He also speaks very poorly about the mother of his child which worried me. I knew he got me pregnant on purpose, as our relationship was falling apart, and I was getting ready to move out. It was his sick way of trying to keep me in his life. He said a lot of horrible things to me when I told him I was considering abortion. He went out and bought baby stuff when I was only 5 weeks pregnant.

I made an appointment for a medical abortion and had my first consultation on December 17th. They asked me some questions, took a blood sample and then did an ultrasound. They told me I was 7 weeks pregnant by that time, and in Wisconsin, where I live, legally they have to show you the ultrasound, but you do not have to look. I decided to look just out of curiosity. It didn’t really look like anything yet, the only thing that stuck was the heartbeat. It made me sad for a minute, but I still knew I was making the right choice. I don’t regret looking at the screen, I even asked for ultrasound pictures after. I had to wait 10 days to see the same doctor—seeing the same doctor twice is another law in Wisconsin. So, my next appointment was December 27th.

The days leading up to it were hard. My boyfriend was trying to make me feel guilty and being very cruel. I wish that I wouldn’t have had to wait because I knew that an abortion was right for me and state laws should not make any woman in this position have to wait. So, I took the first pill on the 27th, I was 9 weeks pregnant and I felt completely fine after. The next morning I got up and right away put the next 4 pills in my cheeks to dissolve. Within 20 minutes of having the pills in my cheeks I started to feel bad cramps. At 30 minutes I swallowed what was left of the pills and within 5 minutes I was throwing up. I was assured that this is okay if you kept the pills in your cheeks for 30 minutes.

The cramps were getting worse and all I could do is sit on the toilet. I took one of the painkillers my doctor prescribed and waited for them to kick in. The pain was bad for me but only for the first hour. After the painkiller kicked in, I felt fine, just really sleepy. So I fell asleep for about 3 hours. When I woke up and went to the bathroom to pee, I felt a blood clot come out. Which I assumed was probably the pregnancy. After that the bleeding was pretty light and I had no cramps.

I just want say that IT’S NOT THAT BAD. I was literally so scared of the pain and the blood, I even read stories about people who said they saw the fetus. There was such little blood and pain I was convinced it didn’t work until my follow up appointment, which I just went to today and got the ‘all clear’. Up until a few days ago I was still in contact with my boyfriend until I found out he gave me an STD! And he admitted to sleeping with other people using no protection. I'm even more sure now that I did the right thing. He didn’t even want that baby, which he told me after I found out I had an STD. He did everything just to play with my mind. I'm thankful that abortion was available to me. I have no regrets. That guy was horrible to me and he would’ve been to our baby too. I had people in my life that supported me and my decision.” —Kayla

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