I was never ready for kids...

“I was never ready for kids. I've never really experienced the ‘motherly’ urge or find myself wanting kids. All of my sisters have kids but I just could not see myself going down that road. At the age of 26, I was advancing in my career and I enjoyed my independence. I was always on birth control since I was 22. But, that one time that I had no medical insurance to get my birth control and the one time my boyfriend did not wear a condom, is the time I got pregnant.

He and I talked about it and he agreed that we were not ready, but later on I realized how much this bothered him. However, I was sure in my decision since it was my body, my life, my choice. I told my grandmother and she supported me by helping me afford the procedure. I did not do the abortion pill since I was not aware of it but in hindsight, I wish I did. Going to the clinic was stressful because of all the protesters and pro-life activists trying to make you turn away. Inside, everyone was welcoming and there were a number of other women there as well. I went through a consultation, an ultrasound, and final paperwork. I was only 6 weeks along.

They made sure to drug me up pretty good when I told them I had a huge fear of needles and high anxiety so the only pain I felt was the numbing needle. I felt tugging after that but I was so sedated I almost fell asleep! After they were done (maybe 20 mins or less I’m not sure I was loopy) they took me to a recovery area and gave me some Oreos. I was watched for 30 minutes and they said I could go but they gave me no pain pills or anything for nausea. I was fine until I got in the car with my boyfriend and started driving home. THEN it hit me. Everyone is different in regard to pain but for me it was like having a heavy cramping period. It was a solid 8 for a while. Make sure you take your time in the recovery room. I was rushing.

When I got home I went to bed, took some ibuprofen and put on a heating pad. After I woke up a few hours later the pain was completely gone. It only took me 2 days to completely recover. 4 years later, I’m 30 and I still have no regrets at all about what I have done. Especially 1 year after that ordeal when my boyfriend and I went through a tough patch and he started getting short tempered and aggressive by issuing threats and punching holes in walls. I left him and I’m glad I did. It could have gotten real bad and having a child suffer through that would have been terrible. I tell very few people what happened to avoid unwanted confrontations but to those I do tell, they understood my decision. Not everyone will be against your choices. You cannot be pressured into feeling guilty. You do what is best for you, not for the clouded interest of others. Live your life. No regrets.” —Anonymous

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