Where to start...

“Where to start... the night before my abortion. I woke up having a nightmare about everything and was awake for a while. I went back to sleep and woke up for my appointment and was more nervous than anything ever before! I had my boyfriend to support me and come with me and that helped a lot. I got ready to leave the house and got immediate butterflies the closer we got to the clinic. Finally, we arrived, and I checked in.

I went back for an ultra sound and I was 16 weeks and 4 days pregnant. I know. I was freaking out since I went a week before and had no clue I was 15 weeks and contemplated keeping my baby since I was so far, however I knew I needed to go to school and take care of me first. I got called back and I talked to the patient advocate and felt a lot better. Then came the nurse who I asked a 100 questions to, LIKE actually 100! Then I paid, and after I paid, I went into a room where the doctor gave me pills and a little bit of water. I swallowed them and my nerves kicked in so bad! I was put in a room where 2 nice nurses and one other girl who was 14 weeks talked to me, the girl eased me a lot.

I braced myself for extreme cramping and practically death. The girl next to me got nauseous and I never did. She was still ok though, barely cramped like me. They finally made me change a few minutes after the other girl and I talked with 2 other girls going through the same thing. They were very comforting! Then finally it was time.

A very nice nurse walked me back and I sat down on the bed and another nurse came in, and the doctor and anesthesiologist. We talked and laughed and before I knew it was out like a light. I woke up in the recovery room 20 minutes after surgery and felt a little sore and out of it from the anesthesia but I was fine! I was bleeding a pretty decent amount. I answered a few questions, changed into my normal clothes and actually walked my self out. It wasn’t so bad and I was in great hands. I am a chicken... so don’t be scared like I was. Turned out to be ay okay. Hope I eased your mind. I am now woken up from my 4 hour nap, showered and ready for dinner! I did also get a heating pad and slept on it that helped so much! On my way to get my azithromycin.” —Anonymous

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