I am 30, I am in my career, but...

“I am 30, I am in my career, but I still was not ready. I recently relocated about 7 months ago, started a new job about 4 months ago, so I’m steadying myself on my feet. I decided independently and then informed my partner, who was totally supportive of whatever decision I made, which was such a blessing.

I called into the clinic to schedule an appointment. The initial appointment included blood work, ultrasound, and discussion about options with the doctor. Then you can schedule the follow-up after that visit. My follow up came around 2 weeks later, due to the clinic canceling one of my scheduled days. I went in for my second visit, I opted for the pill option. Oh, if I could turn back the hands of time.

So, a few things about me. I already have heavy flow periods with extreme pain, and my body hates additional hormones. So after about week four of being pregnant, I was unable to hold down any food, and this continued up until pill day. So, I took the initial pill in the office, cool no problem. Went to work the next day, didn’t feel great, but didn’t feel like crap. That night I came home and started the insertion process. I inserted 4 tablets vaginally at around 10 pm, cool no problem. Woke up around 1 am, with bleeding, passing some clots. I’m like ‘cool, it’s happening.’ At 3 am it’s time for the final 4 pills. I insert those, and this is when the major pain begins. I literally was in so much cramping pain, I passed out from the pain, laid on the bathroom floor, and couldn’t take anymore. The screaming was so bad, my guy (oh so helpful) woke out of his sleep to be by my side. The pain was not letting up, and I couldn’t manage. I called the emergency number to the clinic, to which they kept giving me these redundant statements like ‘it’s going to hurt,’ and I’m like duh, understood, only thing is the medications given to me for pain won’t work because I can’t keep them down, even with nausea medication on board.

I had to be taken to the ER, which is when you’re scared things can get tricky, but everyone was nice and wonderful, and pretty quick about helping relieve the pain, and getting me hydrated. I was also probed by the gynecologist to get some of the ‘stuff’ out, which helped a little to relieve the pain. But I can finally say I think I am over the worst part, just some light bleeding left. I am scheduled for another ultrasound with the gynecologist on Monday for a recheck to make sure everything is all clear, and fortunately my nausea is about 80% gone away today, which really helps. If I could choose again, I would absolutely still get an abortion, but I would definitely get it done in clinic, and endure 15-20 minutes of pain versus 11 hrs.” —Anonymous

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