I am 38 and for me, this is my right choice...

“I am 38 and for me, this is my right choice. I have an 18-year-old son from a previous marriage that left me a widow at 26. I am single—fresh out of a 3-year long relationship due to my abortion decision. We argued viciously about it, I threw my coffee at the wall near him, he called the police for assault in attempt to retaliate. His complaint was convincing enough to law enforcement and I spent the next 15 hours in jail. Saving you from the tumultuous relationship backstory, a true nightmare, this was the only option. There wasn’t anything that would change my mind, this is my right.

I am a US citizen and abortion is legal here, but at a very high cost—$700 over the course of 2 visits. I found a reputable site that helps women who live in countries where abortion is illegal or difficult to access but also women who can’t afford to see Planned Parenthood. At 7 weeks pregnant, I filled out a questionnaire online about how far along I was, if I had access to a healthcare facility within 2 hours should I need it, and if I was sure this was the right decision for me. I received a response almost immediately stating I was a candidate along with very detailed instructions on how to receive the package and administer the medicine.

I ordered the abortion pills at the cost of $95. It took 18 days to receive them from overseas putting me right over the 9-week mark. In those two weeks waiting, I had time to process my decision, unpack any unresolved feelings and mourn the inevitable loss. The day the package came, I took the first pill. I felt fine, no cramping with only light nausea. The next day I woke up and went to work as normal. I only worked a half day, grabbed a light lunch, menstrual pads, some ibuprofen for pain and headed home.

Now 24 hours after taking the first pill, I took 1,000 mg of the pain meds as well as some Lortab I had left over from a recent oral surgery. I waited 20 minutes, and at 2:30 pm I placed the last four abortion pills under my tongue for 30 minutes as directed. Within the hour I started cramping and had light bleeding. Within 2 hours the pain worsened, and the bleeding got heavier. This lasted for several hours as I tried to remain calm and breathed through the pain and got as comfortable as the situation allowed. I became nauseated and vomited as the pain grew worse.

4 hours later I took another round of pain meds and tried to rest. I woke up with the feeling of something inside me releasing, like a light drop. At 11:20 pm, 9 hours after taking the last 4 pills, I got up, sat on the toilet, relaxed my body and passed the pregnancy. It was over. Within the hour, most of the cramping had subsided. That was an hour ago. Tomorrow I will wake up and be good to myself. I’m going to take myself to breakfast, indulge and thank my body. I did this, I own this, this was my right decision. If you are reading this, be good to yourself during this process. ❤️” —Anonymous

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