I wanted to share my story...

“I wanted to share my story because I felt it was important for women to know different experiences. I am 26 years old and I have a daughter who is 4, due to some extreme hard times I decided with my husband that this would be the right decision. I went in for my appointment at 12 pm, it was originally at 10 am but the office called me the night before to reschedule.

When I got there I was greeted by two nurses who were shocked to hear I was there for an appointment. Apparently they were not informed of the schedule change and were not expecting me or the other 4 ladies that came in after me. It already felt awkward. I filled out paper work and was called back to speak to the nurse about 30 minutes after my paper work was finished. She was very thorough with me, but insisted on talking about how her day was ruined that no one informed her of the schedule change and she had plans.

I went along with it because I was already uncomfortable and wanted to get it over with. I sat back out in the waiting room and about 10 minutes later I was called in to get my finger pricked to check if I was RH negative or positive. If you are negative they will give you a shot along with medications. I went back out into the waiting area and sat there for another 45 minutes, I was informed they were waiting for the doctor. Some of the girls were there for a check up and they were getting anxious to leave.

One of the girls spoke up and asked if this was our first appointment and another said it was her follow up, and that it took the doctor 5 hours to get to the facility last time. The girl that spoke up advised she too waited 6 hours her first appointment. I was beginning to feel very discouraged and I had already paid and I just wanted to be done. The doctor eventually arrived, two and a half hours after my appointment. I was taken back into the room, and the doctor was very nice, he lightened the mood and explained some more of the process.

They brought in an ultrasound machine (in the paperwork I chose not to view the ultrasound) they advised me how far along I was, and then it was time for the medication. Either 2 or 4 pills were inserted into my vagina to soften the cervix, then I orally took two pills with water, and then I was given 4 pills to dissolve underneath my tongue. I was over whelmed with the medication but after that, I was out of the office.

Not even 30 minutes later I felt very nauseated, and when I got home I began to have flushes and felt like I had a fever. Then diarrhea came and atrocious cramps. I am actually writing this on the day I got the abortion, so I still have one more step, 4 more pills underneath my tongue 6 hours after first dose, and I should pass the fetus. I wanted to write while the story is still fresh in my head, but also to advise women to look around for abortion clinics, listen to the reviews, because you can have a much more comfortable experience than I did.” —Marie

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