In 1992, I was 22 and had an abortion...

“In 1992, I was 22 and had an abortion. There was no thinking about it. My period was late, I went and had a test and made the appointment the for the abortion the next day. 6 months later I was pregnant again. This time a condom had broke. I had gone to the OB clinic in my small town. The morning after pill was still very new. It cost 75$ that I did not have.

The nurse gave me birth control pills and instructed me to take many more then was normal thinking it would work like the morning after pill. I also researched abortifacient herbs and tried that. I was still pregnant. I started thinking maybe I should just go through with the pregnancy but was told that there was no telling what the herbs had done. I had a second abortion.

Neither of these were paid for by my boyfriend. One of these I had sex with a ‘friend’ to get the money. I do not regret having either abortion. The only thing I regret is that there wasn't more information in my small town. That there wasn't anyone who could have told me about planned parenthood, just an hour away. I vote every election. Keeping abortion safe and legal is one of the main reasons I vote.” —Daniella

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