Lying in bed with an usual feeling of sickness...

“Lying in bed with an usual feeling of sickness, so much so that moving my head an inch brought on the urge to vomit. Thinking I may have had a virus, I sent a message to my sister. It was evening for me in the Southern Hemisphere and still morning for her in the UK. Her first reaction to how I was feeling.... are you pregnant?

The thought hadn’t even crossed my mind. That day, I didn’t leave the house. Unable to move, wondering if it might be possible. The next morning, I went and purchased three tests, just to be sure. Unfortunately, they all came back positive. I had moved to a new city 6 weeks before for a work transfer and only knew two people where I was. Being the only people I had around, through my tears I told them the situation it was in. I have never felt such a lack of support.

I told the father (who was now 1000 miles away due to my work transfer). I told him I wasn’t ready for this, and it couldn’t be worse timing now living in different cities. I made an appointment with the doctor to explain my situation and get some advice. After a few tests and a scan, it turns out I was 9 weeks already. I had to have a surgical abortion.

My next appointment at the hospital for the procedure was the worst day of my life. I went alone for the procedure and spent most of the day in the hospital. That cramps after the procedure and for the next few days were painful however I got through it. This was only two months ago. And although I know I made the right decision, I still have a slight feeling of regret and I feel very alone. It is getting better with time. Surround yourself with family and friends at times like these, unfortunately mine are thousands of miles away. Make the most of the people around you.” —Anonymous

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