I'm 25 years old, and I got pregnant...

“I'm 25 years old, and I got pregnant 3 months ago after having protected sex with a coworker of mine. I even took the pill one hour after the act, just to be sure. My life at this point was looking up, I had just quit my job to accept a better offer, I was talking with my crush (not the father), and I was-and still am- living in a country 1000 km away from my family.

Two weeks after the one-night-stand, I woke up for my last day at the job I quit and threw up. I immediately used a pregnancy test, and when I saw the positive result I was so shocked I just sat on the floor staring at it for hours. When my crush called, I told him, and he sent me all the links and information on getting counselling about the matter. I contacted the father, who was equally shocked, and he said that he just got back together with his girlfriend of four years, whom he had broken up with because she wanted kids and he didn't.

He offered to pay half of the abortion cost. I wasn't sure what was the right thing to do, I always said that if it ever happened to me I would go through with it and give the child up for adoption, but in this case, the new job I took was testing for pregnancies as well, so I would be giving up a very good offer. Keeping it would mean either going back to my country, or working two jobs and getting a nanny, thus giving up, in both cases, everything I've worked for.

My crush-now boyfriend- and my best friend were helpful and supportive. The father was interested too. I decided to get an abortion after many days of counselling and thinking, I decided to put myself first.

The abortion process was quick, the bleeding after a bit annoying, but I realized that once I was sure about the decision I made, I didn't have second thoughts. The only thing I was feeling a pinch of guilt about, is that many couples try to get children and cannot, but to anyone reading this, I say it's your life, and if you won't take care of yourself, nobody will.

Make sure you get the support you need, give it a lot of thought until you're completely sure about your decision, take all the advice you can get from professionals, but know that, in the end, you have control of your body and your feelings.

Don't get a victim mentality, life isn't fair, and you have to deal with whatever comes your way. See it as a chance to grow some balls and grow through the experience, whatever decision you make. You're not a victim, you have strength in you. It's your body, your thoughts, your decision, and whatever you choose, you have to deal with the consequences.” —Eleni

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