I arrived at 10:15...

“I arrived at 10:15. I had a scan and was 8 weeks pregnant. They didn't show me the screen, as I knew I would break down. After that, I saw doctors who discussed the methods with me, and then they said they can do the local anesthesia today, so I said yes to follow through with the procedure.

I went and got coffee as my appointment was scheduled at 3:15 pm. I came back up at 2:15 for pain killers, then I got called in, and they made me get changed and lay on a chair. I had air and injections to numb my insides. Then they started the procedure.

It hurt and felt like my inside was being pulled out. After they were done, I sat on the chair and had some tablets to stop infection, and they told me where the baby would go. They said it will go to be cremated or buried with all the other babies. This made me feel a bit better, knowing it was being respected.

When I got dressed, I had my depo injection and sat waiting to feel a bit normal. I had a brew and then I went home, bled a little bit, now I must watch for fever and heavy bleeding. I felt faint on the way home due to losing blood, but they said my blood was fine. I’m just glad it was over with and I wouldn't wish it on anyone. But the nurses were all lovely.” —Anonymous

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