At 38, with a newly 18-year-old child...

“At 38, with a newly 18-year-old child, I found I was pregnant. My ex and I broke up about a month prior to me finding out. My birth control pill failed. I told my ex. He wanted nothing to do with me or a baby.

My doctor made me wait almost a month to be seen. Stupid, horrible gyno. I found out I was 13 weeks when I finally was able to be seen. It was a shock, I'd still had periods, or at least bleeding. The same day, I found I lost my job. I scheduled an appointment at my local clinic. I knew I could not keep a baby at this juncture.

The fee was pricey. The clinic nurses and doctor were amazing. Way more compassionate than any other medical facility I'd ever been to. I paid a fee upfront, still had a balance because I was far enough along, I had to do the surgical. They gave me a phone number to the National Abortion Federation. They helped SO much with the fee!

I went in for my procedure. The clinic was packed. But the nurses were on their game! Made every possible effort to make me feel taken care of. I had a valium and 2 norcos. I went in and laid on the table. Doc came in. He was so sweet and caring. Nurses were on both sides of me, holding my hand and the nitrus mask. It was fast.

Painful, not going to lie, but my pain threshold is high. The doc and nurses were proud, I didn't make a peep. Though I did cry, the nurses blotted my tears. It was over. They inserted an IUD.

The doc left and the nurses cleaned me up and even dressed me. I was a bit groggy. I went to recovery to a blessed heating pad. The nurses checked on me and went over the aftercare. I called my ride and the nurse walked me out, hugged me and helped me in the car. I cried then more for the love at that place and the staff than the pain I was still feeling in my gut.

The protesters got a big middle finger from me and my ride. I thank the team of the clinic. My regular doc failed me. My birth control pills and ex failed me. My family weren't rocks, they were boulders. I'm grateful I had the experience I did.

You read horror stories. It’s going to hurt some. It’s going to make you cry. But if it's the right choice for you, it’s worth it. Especially when your clinic has amazing staff that care and don't judge.

Think about your decision and just breathe. The worst is over thinking the procedure and the judgment. The staff in these places work there for a reason. They see hundreds of you every week. They are awesome at their job. Do what's right for you. Let them hold you up. It’s not easy. But if it's what you want, is worth it.” —Nikki

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