My story isn't just my own...

“My story isn’t just my own. It’s my sisters as well.

She was there with me despite her objections and views on abortion. ‘I just want someone to be there with me. I don’t want to be alone.’ I told her. ‘I can’t believe you asking me this, you know how I feel about it!’ she answered. ‘I know, but I just need someone there. I don’t have anyone else.’ We stared at each other for a long moment.

‘I’ll think about it.’ She slammed the door behind her.

A few days later she called me. ‘Tell me why this is your only option,’ she said.

‘What?’ I replied.

‘Tell me why you’re having an abortion.’

I was silent for a few moments before I answered. ‘I’m 24. I start law school in two months. I can’t take time off to raise a baby. I don’t have the resources.‘

‘You have so many people that would help you- ‘ she answered.

‘I can’t expect people to help me raise my child. I can’t rely on that.’

‘I just don’t understand why this is your first option-‘ she replied.

‘It’s not! Don’t you think I have thought about every possibility? It’s not like I want an abortion, no one does, but right now, this is what’s going to be the best decision for me,’ I said.


‘I don’t want to put myself through a pregnancy. After what happened with mom…all the complications. She was so depressed… I can’t do that,’ I replied again.


‘When is your appointment?’ She asked. I let out a breath I didn’t know I was holding.

‘Thursday at 10am.’ I answered.

‘I’ll pick you up,’ she said. I didn’t know if she was just going to drive me, but just having some support meant the world to me. The day of my appointment she picked me up. We drove in silence to the clinic. When we got there, she parked and held on to the steering wheel. She seemed to be having a conversation with herself. After a moment she nodded, looked at me and smiled. We walked in together and I checked in.

After twenty minutes I was called back. I got up and was happily surprised to see my sister following behind me. I laid on the table. My bottom half covered by a paper sheet. I kept looking down and immediately regretted it.

‘Hey’ she whispered. She offered me her hand and squeezed. She smiled at me gently and kissed my forehead. ‘You remember when we were kids and every Sunday after church we would get ice cream with dad?’ she asked. ‘Yeah.’ I smiled back. ‘There was this one time that I dropped my cone on the sidewalk. And I was so upset because it was the last scoop of mint chocolate chip.’ I laughed. ‘I remember.’

‘You shared your ice cream with me. Didn’t even hesitate. Just passed me the cone and said have some. You were always like that. Always made sure I was taken care of.’ I squeezed her hand. ‘Thank you’ I said to her.

After the abortion was complete. We went back to my apartment and she didn’t leave my side for two days. Our relationship is stronger than ever.” —Molly


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