I am a 26-year-old student...

"I am a 26-year-old student who was not ready to be a mother. Last week on June 21st I found out I was pregnant. I didn’t really have any symptoms besides missing my period and my breasts were a little sore. I took an at home pregnancy test and was completely in shock. I immediately called my boyfriend to tell him.

He came home and we talked about all our options. We came to the decision to have an abortion. We knew it was the absolute best decision at that time! The next day we made an appointment at a women’s clinic that was 2 hours away. Note* this clinic was NOT supportive of my decision.*

When we got there I had to sit with a counselor for about an hour. She kept trying to convince me to make a different choice than I wanted. I was already emotional and she just made everything worse. She even made me look at the ultrasound picture. My boyfriend and I left feeling sad and confused. On the car ride home I decided to call Planned Parenthood to see what they could do for me. They could get me in a week from that day. This was the longest week of my life.

I researched everything from the pill abortion to the surgical abortion. I read horror stories and uplifting stories. On Thursday, June 28th we drove another 2 hours to get this over with. I was so nervous I hardly slept. At this point I was having lots of pregnancy symptoms like nausea, cramps, and fatigue. I was ready to get this done. We got to the clinic and luckily there were no protesters outside!

We went upstairs and everyone was so nice and helpful. I went through a series of tests, blood work, and ultrasounds (they didn’t make me look) they let my boyfriend in every room with me which was so comforting and amazing! Now for the actual surgery! Before they started I also got the implant birth control placed because I do not want this to happen again!

The surgery room was nice and comforting. They had spa music playing and the nurses were super nice to me. They talked me through everything. First they numbed my cervix and began to dilate. It felt like strong period cramps, it wasn’t too bad. They only bad part was the last 30 seconds. This part hurt like a bitch, but it was only 30 seconds of pain! The whole procedure lasted 5 minutes! It was easy and somewhat painless. I then went to a recovery room which they gave me soda and crackers and a heating pad. I was almost like a spa.

They had me wait there until I was sure I was ready to go home. We drove home for the 2 hours. This was pretty uncomfortable. The cramps were pretty bad. When I got home I cried. Not because of regret but because it was a long day and I needed to let all my emotions out. After some Tylenol and sleep I feel great today! No pain or cramps. This was a traumatic experience but I am so glad that I went to Planned Parenthood. They were so respectful and nice. Now to go back to life as it was before last Thursday!" —Anonymous

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