I found out I was pregnant...

“I found out I was pregnant fairly early on. I took a test about a day after my period was due. I just felt something was off. It came out positive. I made my decision immediately and never questioned.

I told the father and he was on board with any decision I made. Made the appointment immediately after finding out, before I even told the dad. The worst part was actually getting the courage to go into the clinic.

Protesters were out front. Not close enough to bother me, but I had to drive by them to get into the parking lot. After I got inside, I was extremely calm. The nurses were VERY nice. Process took about 4 hours. I actually went too soon and they couldn't see the fetus on the ultrasound as I was too early, 3 weeks, so I came back 2 weeks later. Those 2 weeks were the worst, with all the stress and constant nausea I had.

On my next visit, I was in and out in about an hour. I opted for the medical abortion. Took one pill in the clinic and 4 pills at home 24 hours later. After some cramping, pretty similar to normal menstrual cramps, I got up and went to the bathroom (5 weeks now).

As soon as I sat down, it came out. It was finally over. I felt so much relief. I didn't feel much pain because I wasn't far along. I've heard other women take longer because they were further, but my experience was pretty smooth. I'd say the earlier the better.

I took the pills at around 11. Went to the bathroom around 2, and it was over. Light cramping and bleeding for a while after, but nothing serious. Passed a few blood clots but they were small.

Extremely happy I chose this route. Do not be ashamed. Make the best decision for YOU.”


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