I am 26 years old and I am pregnant...

“I am 26 years old and I am pregnant. I have been with my partner for 3 years and I have decided to terminate this pregnancy. I have always wanted children and will have children one day. I think what made me decide to choose this option was reevaluating my beliefs and life goals.

I have been having too much fun these past few years, and avoiding life’s responsibilities. When I found out, my partner was so excited, making me think this is possible, and everything is possible. But making a decision for the happiness of someone else is not the way to go. He even told his family, who is Hispanic, and is ‘pro-life’.

I felt like the world was against me and experienced my first panic attack. I love my boyfriend dearly, but we are in no place to start a family. I believe in being in a current stable environment before welcoming a life into this world, not scrambling to make it work and stressing yourself out. His mother now knows I’ll be terminating this pregnancy and has expressed negative emotions constantly, even calling me and my boyfriend crying. It was silly to tell people that early, but it’s easy to look at these things in a fairytale sense.

When I decided this pregnancy wasn’t for me at this moment my boyfriend kicked me out, broke up with me and said some vile things. That, out of everything, was the worst. How could someone who supposedly loves me leave me like this? We are currently back together but I still wonder how this is going to affect our relationship.

It’s emotional, it’s draining and everything happens for a reason. This has given me drive to be the person I want to be in order to have a family one day. Your life will never be the same after finding out you’re pregnant no matter what option you choose. But know that just because you’re terminating a pregnancy doesn’t need to be a negative thing.

I believe in myself and want to finally express that. I have my preop appointment tomorrow, which I chose to have my mother accompany me. I’m blessed to have this option and to work on myself so my future children can have the best mother possible one day.

You’re not alone, choose what’s best for you, not anyone else. You don’t need to explain yourself, and don’t let people manipulate you. Woman have the power to bring life into this world, yes, but we also have so much more to offer the world, and you deserve to have the chance to put your imprint on it. Thanks for letting me share my story xoxo.” —Elizabeth

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