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"First off, let me say my abortion was kind of a rare experience. But it would have been much more comforting if I knew someone else had experienced what I did, so I’ve decided to share my story. I never thought I would choose abortion, but I did. I’m 29 and married with one child already. My husband and I live with his parents, along with our child, and his other child from a previous relationship. We made some not so smart financial choices and have been living with my in laws for some time. We’ve also been kind of struggling in our marriage, which we’re trying to work on to better our family. So having a baby right now was just not an option for us. I felt completely okay about choosing an abortion. I never thought I would, but to me it made the most sense. My husband was on board and so I called my local Planned Parenthood and made an appointment for a medical abortion. I wasn’t really nervous about it, I talked to other women I knew who had abortions. And I also did a lot of research before going into my appointment.

My best friend went with me and my husband stayed to take care of our child. We were also trying to do this as privately as possible so we didn’t want his parents to think anything too strange was happening. I made it to Planned Parenthood, and was the first patient that day, so luckily for me I didn’t have to spend my entire day there. After having an ultrasound it was confirmed that I was 7 weeks pregnant. They took samples of my blood and I was given a shot. Shortly after that I paid for the procedure and then was sent back with a nurse to be counseled on the situation. I did not feel judged by anyone there. I felt very comfortable and would recommend anyone to use their services. They are also very good about being private if that’s what you choose. They went over the process of taking the pills. After talking with the nurse, the doctor also comes in to verify the process with you as well. And that’s where it all began. I took my first pill of Mifeprex. (It was about 10:00am) I was told that this wouldn’t really cause any symptoms and I could proceed with my day just like any other day. So I did.

My best friend and I left with my medication for the second half of the abortion and a prescription for nausea and pain meds. We got my scripts filled and then headed out to eat for lunch. Shortly after lunch I started to feel a little bit tired and had minor cramping. We went back to my friends house for the day to just hang out, and watch TV. I went to the bathroom about 3:00pm and that’s when the bleeding began. My first blood clot fell out. I was so shocked, because I wasn’t expecting to bleed until the next day when I was scheduled to take the Misoprostol. I grabbed my giant pad and put it on, turned on the heating pad and just tried to relax. I was having all the side effects of what I was told would happen the following day. I began to think something was wrong. But I was reassured by Planned Parenthood that everything was okay, and just not worry unless I had any clot bigger than a lemon and haven’t soaked through more than 2 pads per hour for 2 hours. I decided to go home around 8pm that night.

Throughout the night I continued to bleed quite a bit, and pass many more blood clots. The following day, I woke up to take my child to a DIY kids workshop. We got to the store it was being held at, I put on a new pad because I continued to bleed pretty heavily and pass more clots. The workshop was only about 30mins. By the time I was leaving my pad was almost completely full. I thought for sure it would slow down.. but it didn’t. I grabbed some food and stopped at a park for my child to play at while I made a call to the Planned Parenthood nurse to ask why this was all happening before I even took the pills that cause bleeding and clotting. I was scared I was losing too much blood and that something was severely wrong. She told me it was RARE but my body was reacting to the medication rather quickly. And that the upside was the worst part would happen fast. So I was a little relieved.

At this point my blood was heavy at the park that I bled through a THICK night time pad and my pants, so I needed to head home to immediately change. When I got home I changed my clothes, and my pad put on a new one. And within probably ten minutes I coughed and I felt something fall out. Went to the bathroom and there it was. The fetus. It was different than a blood clot. You could see the sac, and the shape was much different. I was scared and relieved and confused. I cleaned myself up and continued with my day. The blood had slowed down significantly. I felt better about knowing nothing was wrong. I was just a rare case that my body acted very quickly to the first pill. The doctor still informed me that I needed to finish the medicine just to make sure. So, that night at 6:30pm, I took nausea meds and some ibuprofen. 7pm I inserted the 4 pills of Misoprostol into my cheeks. And by 8pm my stomach was cramping. I continued to have period like blood flow. Nothing more, just because I already had passed everything earlier in the day. My stomach continued to cramp throughout the next day. It got better with time though. A heating pad and pain meds were all I needed.

All in all, my abortion was fairly easy. I don’t regret my decision, but I am sad in some ways. I just know this was the right decision at this time in our lives."


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