So when I found out I was pregnant, I was very shocked and scared...

”So when I found out I was pregnant, I was very shocked and scared, and I’m only 18 years old. I knew from the very start that I could not keep it and could not go through with the physical/emotional stress of the pregnancy anyways (plus my body is very small).

For some who don’t know, you have a choice to do a medical or and in-clinic surgical abortion. The medical they just give you some pills to take for a couple days which is basically like a artificial miscarriage. And the surgical abortion is done by sucking out the contents of pregnancy out of the uterus. I did a ton of reading (I probably shouldn’t have, because it freaked me out) and what I read showed me that most women said the medical made them super crampy and throwing up. I absolutely hate throwing up, so I opted for the surgical. But then I talked to my sister and she told me “they’re literally going inside your tiny cervix, it’s going to fucking hurt after.” And that scared me as well!

So when I got to Planned Parenthood I asked for the medical, and technically by the start of my last period, I was about 9 weeks and 5 Days, so they thought I could do it. But they do an ultrasound which is much more accurate on how far along you are (by growth) and by that, I was 10 weeks and 3 Days along. I could not do the medical abortion. I was very scared.

DAY OF ABORTION: Basically we started off with basic questions and then they gave me a pill to dissolve under my tongue, and a couple ibuprofen pills. She then took me across the room and put an IV in my arm and injected some saline solution. I was then taken to a room to get undressed (and I do wanna note that all the women were very friendly and knew what they were doing and I felt safe with them) and they left and I got undressed.

They came back in and I WANNA NOTE that there are two types of sedation. One is less intense and you’ll be awake and the moderate one is more intense and you may fall asleep! I chose the moderate one because I wanted to have the least feeling and memory as possible. So they injected the sedation into my IV and my vision started to get kind of slow and then I guess I fell asleep somewhere into that because the next thing I remember was me waking up towards the end of the procedure! (Yes, they were in me sucking out the contents) but it wasn’t painful at all and I could not feel them sucking out anything out of my uterus. And that was just the last ten seconds of the procedure.

I do wanna note that I started having a panic attack and idk why honestly because I wasn’t in pain at all but I guess being all loopy made me emotional! I then put on a pad and they walked me out to the recovery room and I sat in this comfy chair with my curtain closed and they gave me some snacks which is was so happy to eat since you aren’t allowed to eat for 6 hours before operation. The only side effects after the procedure was some slight cramping and a tiny bit of nausea but that went away completely when I left and I was only in the recovery room for about 15-20 minutes. I am very happy with the outcome and I love Planned Parenthood and the staff for helping me out so much!” —Anonymous

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