I was 17 and pregnant. I had made plans for my life...

"I was 17 and pregnant. I had made plans for my life. I was going places. Instead, I was pregnant. I made the decision which my boyfriend did not agree with to terminate my pregnancy. He refused to help me at all so I turned to my parents. I was scared to death, My mom just looked at me and said 'This is my first grandchild, please don't kill it.' I was done for.

I stayed at home the next day, I didn't have the abortion. I married the dad 3 months later and had my son in November of that year. Having my son was not a mistake, marrying his dad was.

Fast forward 5 years. Divorced, working two jobs and raising my son, I met a man through work and began a relationship. Just when I had decided I no longer wanted to be in a relationship with him I found out I was pregnant. I was due in March and my sister was also pregnant and due in March as well. It was bittersweet but I knew there was absolutely NO WAY I could have this child.

I made several attempts to make my body self abort the baby. It wasn't successful at ending the pregnancy but it was successful in creating an environment that allowed for an infection between the uterine wall and the placenta. Now I had no choice but to have an abortion in a clinical setting. On October 13 I had an abortion. It was easy and it was necessary by that time.

I really wish I hadn't been afraid to discuss my pregnancy and allow for other options. A month after my abortion my sister made the decision to place her child up for an out of state adoption. NOW that was a success story. 19 years later they met and it emphasized how very right her decision was." —Anonymous

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